I'm Johan

I'm a frontend developer with an interest in security and online privacy. I also have a few thoughts about the frontend developer experience, and how to improve workflows to make it more enjoyable.

I spend some of my time maintaining open source projects. I've been involved in projects such as Simple Icons and SweetAlert2, amongst others. I also have a lot of smaller projects, some of which you can see below.

When I have the time I go backpacking around Europe; so far I have made my way around bits of Norway and Scotland. I also sometimes write stuff on my blog.

Open Source Projects.

Yet Another Medium Zoom TypeScript

A fully featured lightbox library inspired by Medium, focusing on being modern, extensible and easy to use.

SVGLint ES6 ⋅ Node.js

A pluggable linter for SVG files, developed while maintaining the Simple Icons project.

console-stream TypeScript ⋅ Node.js

Website for viewing the console of another tab, browser or device. Implemented during a single-day hackathon.

Brookshear Machine React ⋅ Mobx ⋅ ES6

A Brookshear Machine emulator, useful for teaching the basics of CPU instructions and low-level programming.

simple-smtp-listener ES6 ⋅ Node.js

Library for receiving emails in NodeJS, and emitting them over a UNIX socket and as ECMAScript events.

Work History.

2015 - 2019

Frontend developer at CleanManager

As sole frontend developer I was initially tasked with implementing new features and SPA's, and later spearheaded the effort to modernize the entire frontend codebase.

This included a complete rewrite and redesign of our system and workflow from an old custom-built ES5 implementation to one built on React and ES6.

Eventually the team expanded with several new frontend developers, and I transitioned into a more senior role with responsibility for the frontend rewrite of our calendar module.


2017 - now

Computer Science at University of Southern Denmark


If you want to present a fun opportunity, have questions or just want to have a chat, I'm always up to hearing from you.

You can catch me over on GitHub or LinkedIn, or you can send me a good old-fashioned email at johanringmann@gmail.com.