I'm Johan


I'm Johan Fagerberg, a developer with an interest in automation, user/developer experience, and online privacy. I enjoy working on tools that make daily chores easier, more intuitive and less cumbersome.

When I have the time, and something interested to share, I write articles on my blog.

Open Source Projects

Below are some of the open source projects I have been a leading developer on.
For the full list, see my GitHub.

Manatee Inspector

A custom dev tool implementation for the Manatee RPA application. Provides vastly improved DX compared to the built-in dev tools.

Yet Another Medium Zoom

A fully featured lightbox library inspired by Medium, focusing on being modern, extensible and easy to use.


A pluggable linter for SVG files, developed while maintaining the Simple Icons project.

Brookshear Machine

A Brookshear Machine emulator, useful for teaching the basics of CPU instructions and low-level programming.

Work History

2024 +

DevEx Engineer at TV 2

2023 - 2024

DevOps Engineer at KMD

Managed the cloud infrastructure, CI/CD processes and developer interfacing across multiple projects, supporting the application teams in delivering high-value solutions without worrying about the underlying server management.

Primarily worked on transitioning our in-house DevOps framework to a Kubernetes-first setup, and supporting our developers in adapting their workflows and application code to containers.

2022 - 2023

RPA developer at Odense University Hospital

Headed the team responsible for process automation across a workforce of 8000+ healthcare workers. Responsible for projects ranging from bespoke applications and automation scripts, to work process optimization across the hospital.

In addition to the above, I put significant work into the team’s internal workflows, developing custom tools, improving internal and external documentation, and working with suppliers to triage and fix issues as they occured.

2015 - 2019

Frontend developer at CleanManager

Maintained and developed a web application consisting of multiple interwoven SPAs, and the related backends for each. Participated in planning, implementing and evaluating new features in collaboration with company founders and customers, with a strong focus on value generation.

Spearheaded the effort to modernize our codebase by transitioning from a custom-written frontend framework to one built on React - an up-and-coming framework at the time.

Education and Certificates


Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)


BCompSc from University of Southern Denmark

Final bachelor thesis was on Ɛ-differential privacy, a mathematical description of privacy-aware algorithms, and ways to achieve it.
The thesis can be found on my GitHub.


If you want to present a fun opportunity, have questions or just want to have a chat, I'm always up to hearing from you.

You can catch me over on GitHub or LinkedIn, or you can send me a good old-fashioned email at johanringmann@gmail.com.